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Korn's Galvanizing Quality Control for Hot-Dip Galvanizing Services

Korn's Galvanizing Company Inc. Galvanizing strives for excellence in Quality by taking the time to ensure all employees have a full understanding of all Quality and Inspection procedures. We do this by training employees in the following areas:

Words y Palabras Visual Appearance
Visual Inspection
Additional Testing
Touch-Up and Repair Coating Measurements
ASTM requirements
Specific customer requirements

We currently have 6 employees certified through the American Galvanizers Association in Inspection of Hot - Dipped Galvanized Steel.

All material is reviewed prior to shipment and certified to meet the specifications of ASTM A-123 or A-153. This is on our packing list.

Korns Galvanizing is ISO 9001 certified and has maintained its certification on a continuous basis since 2001 with no major non-conformances. We have done this by maintaining accurate records and training logs.

Training is a continuous and ongoing process here at Korns Galvanizing, and by doing this it allows us to provide you a quality product now and in the future.

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