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Galvanized Steel Stampings Provide many years of Excellent Protection

Galvanized Steel StampingsProperly galvanized stampings will provide many years of excellent service to your customers.

Purchasing galvanized sheet and then stamping your parts from it will provide a certain level of protection. The potential for oxidation of the steel is on the edges of the stamped part. Because of its nature, zinc will provide self-sacrificial protection to this area, but the possibility of rust bleed out is likely on the areas that are uncoated (sheared).

In order to ensure that stampings have an adequate galvanized coverage over the entire surface, hot dip galvanizing is recommended.

It is important that specifiers stipulate steel rolls that are clean from any coatings.

Galvalume® (a 55% Aluminum-Zinc alloy coating), galvanneal (the combined process of galvanizing and annealing the steel) coatings are very common in today's sheet metal marketplace. These coatings can create real problems for the galvanizer. Ensuring the base metal is "clean" is critical to achieving a properly hot-dipped galvanized coating; otherwise the zinc will not adhere.

Prior to beginning a "run" it is strongly advised that samples of the stampings be submitted to Korns for processing.

Steel stampings include:

  • Fence accessories
  • Concrete Accessories
  • Electrical Stampings

Packaging services for your stampings is also offered. Contact our sales office for pricing.

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