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Galvanized Fasteners are Hot-Dip Galvanized for Corrosion Protection


Hot-Dip galvanizing delivers long-term, maintenance-free corrosion protection.

There will be no difficult field repairs and no labor and material costs associated with those repairs.

Left unprotected, steel fasteners will corrode and suffer loss of mechanical properties and integrity. Hot-dip galvanizing prevents this corrosion by metallurgically bonding the zinc coating with the underlying steel.

A hot-dip galvanized coating also preferentially corrodes to protect the underlying steel and is able to protect small areas of steel that may become exposed when damaged.

As with any coating system, surface preparation is the key to long lasting performance. Galvanizing has a built in quality control system: the reaction between zinc and steel will not occur unless the steel is completely clean.

At Korns, our fasteners are cleaned by immersion in a degreaser solution to remove organic contaminants. The fasteners are then pickled in a dilute acid solution to remove scale and rust. Rinsing follows. The third and final cleaning step is fluxing. Fluxing removes oxides and prevents further oxides from forming.

Galvanizing is conducted by placing the fasteners in a perforated metal bucket and completely immersing the bucket into a molten zinc kettle. Once the metallurgical reaction is complete, the galvanized fasteners are completely coated. The bucket is removed from the kettle and excess zinc is quickly allowed to drain. The bucket is then placed into a centrifugal (up to 38" in length) and spun to remove excess zinc, ensuring a smooth coating and build-up free threads.

Fasteners include:

  • Steel nails
  • Steel woodscrews
  • Steel lag bolts
  • Steel anchor bolts
  • Steel u-bolts
Galvanized Fasteners Galvanized Fasteners Galvanized Fasteners
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