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Mr.Clarence Clinton Korns


Korn's Galvanizing Company Inc. The name has meant quality for almost 100 years.

The C.C. Korns Company was started in 1916 by Clarence Clinton Korns. Mr. Korns was an engineer with the United States Steel Company in Johnstown. As such, he observed a need for and designed and patented three electrical conduit supports. These three clamps are the Right Angle, Parallel and Edge type. His inventions are still in use today with no significant product design changes. In the beginning the clamps were painted to prolong their life. But in 1956 C. C. Korns purchased a centrifuge. This piece of equipment, coupled with the addition of a galvanizing kettle, permitted Korns to begin to hot-dip galvanize the iron and steel components used to assemble the Korns Clamps. Members of the Korns family owned and operated the business from 1916 until 1986.


1986-John E. Sheehan


A company with history, that is proud to serve your future galvanizing needs.

In 1985, C.C. Korns was acquired by John E. Sheehan. From its inception until the time Mr. Sheehan purchased the company, it produced only the conduit supports originated by Mr. Korns.

Mr. Sheehan grew up in the Johnstown area and had a vision to grow the company while increasing employment. In order to accommodate the growth, Korns moved from its long time home in the Southmont section of Johnstown to its current location in Moxham in 1987. In 1988, in addition to the eight-foot kettle, a twelve-foot kettle was installed.

The conduit support line was sold to Robroy Industries in 1993, this so Korns could fully concentrate on galvanizing.

In 1996 we became Korns Galvanizing Company, Inc. Currently employing 45 full/part-time employees.

Our emphasis has always been quality and customer service.

The current president of Korns; Kathleen Ortel is the daughter of Mr. Sheehan.

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